Costumes for Musicals: Wicked, & Juliet, Peter Pan, Beetlejuice

  1. Wicked

    • Elphaba (The Wicked Witch): Elphaba’s costume is iconic with its dark, gothic aesthetic. It typically features a long black dress with tattered edges, a fitted bodice with intricate details, and long sleeves. She often wears a pointed black hat and her skin is painted green.
    • Glinda (The Good Witch): Glinda’s costume is the epitome of fairy-tale glamor. She wears a sparkling, voluminous ball gown in shades of pink or white, adorned with glitter and crystals. Accessories include a tiara and a wand.
    • Ensemble: The ensemble costumes reflect the whimsical and vibrant world of Oz, with extravagant, colorful outfits that include tailored jackets, puffed sleeves, ruffled skirts, and bold accessories, all in bright and often contrasting colors.
  2. & Juliet

    • Juliet: Juliet’s modern twist on Shakespearean attire might include a mix of Elizabethan and contemporary fashion. Think a corseted bodice paired with a short, vibrant skirt and trendy boots. Her outfits are bold, colorful, and youthful, reflecting her journey of self-discovery.
    • Anne: As Shakespeare’s wife, Anne’s costume might blend historical and modern elements, like a tailored Elizabethan dress with a contemporary twist in fabric and detailing.
    • Ensemble: The ensemble costumes in “& Juliet” combine Tudor chic with modern fashion, featuring ruffs, corsets, and doublets mixed with denim, leather, and other modern fabrics.
  3. Peter Pan

    • Peter Pan: Peter’s costume is instantly recognizable with its green tunic, tights, and a feathered cap. The tunic often has jagged edges, and he may also wear a belt and carry a dagger.
    • Wendy: Wendy’s costume is a classic nightgown, usually in white or light blue, with a soft, flowing design. She may also have a ribbon in her hair.
    • Captain Hook: Hook’s costume is flamboyant and richly detailed, featuring a red or purple frock coat, lace cuffs, and a tricorn hat adorned with feathers. He wears knee-high boots, a hook in place of one hand, and often has a curly wig and mustache.
    • Lost Boys: The Lost Boys wear ragged, mismatched clothing that reflects their playful and wild nature, with pieces like animal skins, tattered shorts, and handmade accessories.
  4. Beetlejuice

    • Beetlejuice: Beetlejuice’s costume is unmistakable with his black-and-white striped suit, wild hair, and ghostly makeup. The suit can be worn with a tattered shirt and tie, and his look is completed with a chaotic, undead aesthetic.
    • Lydia Deetz: Lydia’s costume often features gothic and Victorian-inspired clothing. Her iconic look includes a black lace dress, a red wedding dress, or a schoolgirl outfit with a dark twist, complemented by dark makeup and hair accessories.
    • Adam and Barbara Maitland: The Maitlands’ costumes transform from their ordinary, 1980s attire (button-down shirts and slacks for Adam, a simple dress for Barbara) into more ghostly and exaggerated versions of themselves, sometimes incorporating elements of their death scenes.
    • Ensemble: The ensemble in “Beetlejuice” can include a variety of ghostly, eccentric outfits that reflect the zany, otherworldly atmosphere of the show, with a mix of vintage and modern elements, often in exaggerated, theatrical styles.